About us

While deployed to the Middle East for a second tour I came home for Leave. During the time home I was discussing with my wife Ashley about how so many service members struggle in silence and suicide in the service was an epidemic. 

I wanted to do something to empower service member's. I landed on apparel as it can carry a powerful message and create a community, advocating an active lifestyle for mental and physical resilience. I wanted to give back to charities and Non-profits that helped Veterans, Active Duty and first Responders. I realized quickly after doing Pop ups in the community and hearing other people share their stories that were not military and first responders that this brand was all inclusive. It was for everyone, everyone has a storm!

My Wife and I pivoted on how we gave back. Instead of this brand being geared to only Military and First Responders we shifted to changing Charities every month to reflect different adversity's and challenges. Our vision is to help as many people as we can and give them a voice, so no one suffers in silence. We as the Through The Storm community can prop each other up, and be there when others need us. Stay in the fight! 


-Stephen & Ashley